Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hi there,

In this posting, we would like to introduce the first of our two kittens, Tiger and Simba.


This is Tiger. He came to live with us on Wednesday, 25 April 2012. We found him available for adoption through petfinder.my and that he was named Gingerly Love by the previous owner. According to her, Gingerly Love is a male Domestic Short Hair (DSH) with a DSH for a mother and a persian/persian mix for a father. At this point of time the kitten was 2-months old.

Upon taking him home, we renamed him Tiger. We noticed that his hair was similar to our previous cat, a persian-mix breed. Somehow we just know that Tiger will grow up to have more of a persian-mix fur rather than the short hair of a DSH.

Tiger easily accepted his new environment and seems happy to be with us. He's fed a diet of Hill's Science Plan kitten food and milk for kittens. He was already potty trained which made life easy for us.

Just after two weeks of having Tiger with us, out of the blue I suggested to my wife Honey for us to get another kitten so that Tiger will have a friend. She happily agreed and immediately we began to look or another kitten.

In our next posting we will introduce our latest family member, Simba.

Please visit our blog again soon. See ya...

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