Monday, 21 May 2012

Hello and welcome back,

This is Simba. When my wife Honey and I decided to look for another kitten to befriend our Tiger, again we looked up and also where we found three DSH kittens of to be given away. They were Dewey (Simba's previous name) and his two siblings Daisy and Oprah, which were all adopted by Megaa of Furry Pies. Furry Pies take in abandoned kittens and cats and try to find suitable homes for them.

According to Megaa, someone had asked to adopt Daisy and Oprah and that Dewey was still available. So, long story short, Dewey was picked up and taken to our home on Friday, 11 May 2012. At this point, Dewey was about three months old, about the same age with Tiger. However, Dewey was easily twice to three times the size of Tiger!

Honey and I renamed Dewey as Simba. Simba have spots on his fur that resembles those of a leopard. For the first two days, Simba looked like he missed his sisters. He adjusted to his new surrounding but was still a bit cold towards Tiger. He'd hiss and growl whenever Tiger comes too close to him. To make matters worse, Tiger, being a playful and naughty little kitten that he is, just could not resist trying to get acquainted with Simba. That was quite a worrying period for both Honey and I.

However, after their first weekend together, Tiger and Simba finally bonded. Much to our relief. For us, it was a really good decision to take in Simba so that Tiger would have a friend growing up. Actually it was also good for Simba. Although he was separated from Daisy and Oprah, he gained a friend.

Up to date, both Tiger and Simba are quite inseparable - where one goes, the other one isn't far away. We're delighted to have them both. Although they now play with each other, sometimes they do play rough. I guess boys will be boys. We take this opportunity to thank Megaa of Furry Pies for letting us have Simba. Also we thank her for her recipe of home-cooked chicken for the kittens, which both of them love. :-D

Stay tuned folks. There'll be more about Tiger and Simba in our next postings.


  1. THANK YOU to both of you too for giving Simba and Tiger a very loving home :) I pray to God to grant your family all the happiness in the world. As I mentioned before, it takes a big heart to give strays a forever home. Bless you both.

    1. Thank you Furry Pies, and likewise. What we did is incomparable to what you've done for many of the unfortunate strays all this while. The world need more people like you. Cheers.