Monday, 4 June 2012

Hi there,

Last Saturday, Tiger and Simba paid a visit to Dr Ben, the vet. Tiger had his first vaccination and deworming. Simba tagged along just for a general check-up. Both are healthy and bouncy. However, in about a month or two from now both Tiger and Simba will have to be neutered.

Here are some more pix of both healthy and naughty kittens :-D

Tiger - getting bigger

Simba - big for his age


Let the fight begin

...and Tiger's going for Simba's tail!

Simba - can be quite tolerant at times. Good boy

Tiger and Simba will be back soon. See you all next time. Cheers.


  1. Both Tiger and Simba looking good :)

    1. They are... and we're very happy to have both of them :-D